End-User Development and Meta-Design

Methods for designing and evaluating interactive systems with domain experts

End-user development in specific application domains (e.g., e-government, industrial design, ambient intelligence)

Decision Support Systems

Collaboration support systems for emergency management

Support systems for clinical discussion documentation and analysis

Collaborative Robotics

End-user oriented interfaces for robot programming

Conversational interfaces

Web Accessibility and Quality of Web Sites

Design patterns for accessible rich internet applications

Quality models and evaluation techniques for web site quality

Interfaces for Smart Environments

End-user oriented interfaces for smart home configuration

Advanced models for human-home interaction

Universal Design and Social Inclusion

Mobile applications for indoor and outdoor accessible navigation

Advanced and accessible interaction with culturage heritage

In the past (from 1994 to 2000) I was involved in the following research activities:

  • Logic programming and declarative languages for process coordination
  • Agents and multi-agent systems with applications to control of autonomous mobile robots in simulated environments
  • Knowledge engineering techniques for expert opinions on safety studies in nuclear installations
  • Evaluation of safety-critical applications/software